Metal Shed 

Starting with a canning pot heated on a gas grill side burner the beginnings of the Metal Shed Brewery kicked off.  Not yet named or in the shed, Dry Malt Extract composed the first several brews.


Not content with pre-made DME beer, parts were gathered to go All Grain for greater control over the brewing process and the end results.  Following plenty of online  research  and after finding the basics for an All Grain system, the first AG recipes were created.


About MSB

Armed with the minimal tools, a 7 gallon turkey fryer, 10 gallon cooler mash tun and a bucket, the first AG beers began on the deck. 


Soon thereafter the first 3 tier brew stand was built next to the deck.  During this time the house brews were created and brewing became a regular activity. Hampered by weather  it was decided to move the entire operation to the overstuffed with junk storage building out back. After cleaning and construction of a new brew stand,  Metal Shed Brewing was here.